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Captivating the Hearts of Celebrities like Romy Schneider, Hans Krankl, and Prince Edward Across the Globe

Discover our latest delight – the A&K Nasch Ensemble!

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House Brand Confections

House Brand Confections

Explore 14 delightful flavors waiting to be discovered by you
Liliput Confections

Liliput Confections

Dollhouse-sized Confections with 16 Delicious Varieties


How are these sweet pralines actually packaged

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"When the sun shines, people gather,
To admire the confectionery's allure,
In the evening, after coffee and wine,
One still buys from A&K, so fine.

In the rain, armed with umbrellas,
Or even by car, they come to see,
For A&K is more than just a brand,
It's a symbol of Vienna's grand."

Grete Altmann

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