At Altmann & Kühne, our philosophy is elegantly simple and deeply meaningful:

"Our aim is to bring a smile to the lips of every sweet lover."

Our motto is no easy task. But once you hold these wonderful chests, hat boxes, and sewing cassettes in your hands, you'll know that our confectioners keep their promise. In this charming little shop, delightful sweets line up side by side, these exquisite pralines scented with nougat, marzipan, and cocoa, delicately melting on the tongue. Each individual confection is handcrafted, stirred, rolled, filled, and adorned with various patterns – a process we cherish with utmost care.

Following tradition, each box is filled with precision, creating not only a delightful blend of scents but also a visual feast of colors. All of this happens in our workshop near the heart of Vienna. If you find it hard to believe, we warmly invite you to visit and witness our time-honored craftsmanship firsthand.

All our pralines are handcrafted, which is why orders may take longer than the famous three-day postal journey. We create sweet must-haves for everyone and every wallet. And we take great pride in that.