Our employees are challenged anew every day:


Our dedicated team of employees is the heart and soul of our company. With tireless passion and devotion, some of them have been with us for decades, pouring their love into every aspect of our craft. Each gesture is executed with love and ambition as they tirelessly work to create the most exquisite chocolates and delights. Their loyalty and dedication have played a significant role in shaping the legacy of Altmann & Kühne, and we are deeply grateful for their invaluable contributions. Together, we continue to delight our esteemed customers with the finest handmade treats, ensuring that every bite is a taste of true joy and craftsmanship.


Petra Heytmanek-Schick

Owner & Management

With unwavering dedication, she devotes herself to the ancient arts of traditional confectionery production, understanding the love infused into each praline.

Karin Verena Prochazka

Office Management

The diligent and proactive individual in the office, handling things behind the scenes to ensure smooth production operations.

Marion Stepan

Sales Management at Graben

When it comes to buying pralines, one can't miss her. The dedicated sales manager at the Graben store is always passionately involved, decorating and arranging, and ready to assist every customer with advice and support.

Reinhard Pauser

Head of Praliné

The skilled master pastry chef runs a tight ship in the confectionery. Every confection is meticulously inspected for quality before leaving the house, under the watchful eyes of the pastry chef.