Shipping costs & delivery times

The shipping within the country is done as a package through the Austrian Post AG - see postal shipment.

is either done by express upon request or as a package through the Austrian Post AG or with UPS. Shipping costs are calculated separately for each order based on weight and destination country and are clearly stated (including packaging & handling).

the shipments, like the products themselves, are sent via EMS (Austrian Post) or UPS. Please refer to your order for the corresponding courier service shipping costs. If, in addition to a product from our range, a voucher is sent to the same address, no additional shipping costs will be charged. The delivery time may take up to 7(!) business days depending on the destination.

This especially applies to packages to overseas and Japan. Orders must be placed with us by December 6th. For shipping within Europe, we can guarantee receipt of the package only for orders placed by December 10th, and the same applies for shipping within Austria, which must be ordered by December 14th!

Delivery Times

The shipment of products (subject to availability) always takes place on the next working day at the earliest (i.e., not on a Saturday or Sunday). Please refer to the following schedule for the respective delivery times:


(Within Austria) Approximately 4 - 10 working days under normal circumstances

Europe, EU countries

At least 5 - 10 working days

Europe, Non-EU countries

At least 10 - 20 working days

Rest of the world

At least 10 working days.