The Original since 1928

The Naschkästchen

How are these sweet pralines actually packaged? These "sweet boxes," as we Viennese affectionately call them, are wrapped in paper designed by the Wiener Werkstätten and come in various forms such as chests of drawers, pull-out cassettes, hatboxes, and more. They are available and sent as sweet treasures to the whole world.

Our original pattern design

The confectionery is packaged in boxes made with one of our original design patterns. The designs are from the Wiener Werkstätten and have been the original patterns since 1928.


These sweet little boxes are filled with Liliputkonfekt and available in the colors red, pink, green, and black.


Why not indulge in some chocolate? The small book is filled with one layer of Liliput and one layer of Grillage, while the larger ones contain a mix of Liliput and our house specialty. And all of them are available in the colors red, pink, green, and black.


A heart for chocolate! All of them are filled with Liliputkonfekt and available in the colors red and black.


These bring order to the chocolate chaos! The dressers come with 2 to 6 drawers, available in all colors (red, pink, green, and black), and filled with our famous "mixture" (Liliput and House Special) according to precisely defined plans.

Odyssey Case

Embark on a delectable journey with our "Odyssey Case," a treasure trove of handcrafted chocolates and pralines. Discover an exquisite assortment of flavors, carefully curated to delight your taste buds at every step of this epic chocolate adventure.

Sewing Box

Even the least experienced sweet lover will become a connoisseur with our "Sewing Box." Available in 1-drawer and 2-drawer options, filled exclusively with Liliput chocolates, or in 3-drawer and 4-drawer versions featuring our famous assortment. Choose from a variety of paper designs to suit your taste.


Our Hatbox collection offers a delightful assortment of chocolates, carefully placed in elegant boxes reminiscent of classic hatboxes. Available in various sizes and fillings, they make the perfect gift for any chocolate lover.